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 ==== D ====  ==== D ==== 
 +  * Danny Elfman
   * Darius Milhaud   * Darius Milhaud
   * Diderik Buxtehude   * Diderik Buxtehude
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   * [[wiki:​music:​lalande|Michel-Richard de Lalande]]   * [[wiki:​music:​lalande|Michel-Richard de Lalande]]
   * Modest Mussorgsky   * Modest Mussorgsky
 +  * Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe [(Recent research suggests his first name was '​Jean',​ but no-one was sure of his first name until recently and there'​s still dispute about it. For centuries, he has been known simply as 'Mr. de Sainte-Colombe',​ and is recorded as such in The New Grove, so that's how I think he should be catalogued these days -though using '​Monsieur'​ for '​Mr',​ because ...well, he was French!)]
   * Morton Feldman   * Morton Feldman
   * Muzio Clementi   * Muzio Clementi
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