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About Me

I'm Howard Rogers, aged 55, living in comfortable retirement in Nottingham, UK.

I was born in Kent and studied History at St. Catharine's College, Cambridge University. I then became an accountant, a computer trainer and eventually a senior Oracle database administrator. Somewhere in the middle of that lot, I decided to emigrate to Australia -of which I became a citizen in January 2006. I lived happily with my husband, Mark, on a 10-acre plot of bushland about 100km south west of Sydney, New South Wales.

In 2016, the United Kingdom decided to vote to leave the European Union. On hearing this news, the foreign exchanges suddenly decided to make Australian Dollars worth roughly twice as much versus the Pound Sterling as had been the case the day before …and it therefore seemed like a good idea to speed up the implementation of an idea we'd both had for quite a while: when you're retired and wanting to do lots of foreign travel, it helps if the countries you want to travel to are only an hour or two distant from your home, rather than a day of flying and a day's recovering from the flying! Thus, Mark and I decided to migrate back to the UK.

We bought ourselves a run-down 1930s detached house in the middle of England, which we spent 9 months renovating. It's now all done, bar the dust settling, and we thus find ourselves in Art Deco splendour with a lot of time on our hands :-)

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