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Play music with DeaDBeeF

DeadBeef (I'll cope with two capital letters, but I absolutely refuse to use all four!) is a music player and manager for Linux, written in C -so it's light on resources and blindingly fast. It also does pretty much everything I need a music organiser/player to do, very flexibly and capably. The icing on the cake is that it uses the sort of formatting and customisation language that Foobar2000 does on Windows.

The short version is, therefore, that DeadBeef is, just about, the nearest thing to Foobar2000 that Linux has… which makes it rather special, highly desirable and a delight to use.

The one problem it has, which it kind of inherits from the Foobar2000 of yesteryear, is that it is pretty hopeless straight out of the box but can soon be knocked into excellent shape by a judicious bit of customisation. I have accordingly put together a short article explaining how you might go about doing that.

As a long-term KDE user, I've been using Clementine as my main music manager and player -though recently switched to Strawberry, a fork of Clementine, on the grounds that Clementine development seems to have stalled recently. But DeadBeef is now my primary classical music player -and one I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone with a large music collection that needs managing and controlling well.

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