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Classical CD Tagger

Having written the Classical CD Ripper, a command-line way to rip audio CDs accurately and with appropriate naming and tagging, it seemed appropriate to write a sister application that finishes off the tagging job at the command-line, too. Thus is born the Classical CD Tagger.

It's just a Bash script and it doesn't do much that you couldn't equally well do in Easytag or Puddletag: indeed, it even invokes one or other of those tools (if they're installed on your PC) when it's finished so you can check its work and refine it as necessary.

Truth be told, using a graphical tagger is going to be a lot easier for most people …but I have my own way of working and, once at the command line, I tend to want to stay there! So, for me, is going to be a better way of working and a time-saver overall.

Software dependencies are minimal: metaflac is about the only one that's a show-stopper.

Since the CD ripper has already tagged up your music with Composer, Artist and Album metadata, the tagger is there to flesh out the missing details: performers, track titles and album art. You get to choose which of these bits of metadata you want to supply, or any combination of them, or all of them at once: it's entirely up to you. Any information supplied is written into proper Vorbis Tags (because in these parts, we don't believe in ripping to MP3, so the use of ID3 tags is inappropriate).

Make of it what use you will… The download is available in the Software Section, as usual :-)

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