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Classical CD Ripper - Version 2

I have had a bit of re-think about my Classical CD Ripper and accordingly re-worked bits of it to look better, work slightly differently, produce cleaner tags and generally behave more as I wanted it to! As you can see from the screenshot at the left, we're now up to version 2 and I've mastered (?!) the art of ANSI escape sequences to set and unset colours, so it's easier to distinguish between when you're being asked for something, when you're being told something, or when you're being warned that something horrible and erroneous has occurred. :-)

The main, substantial change in Version 2 is that we no longer populate the Album Artist or Original Artist tag (because that's a silly thing to do in the context of classical music); we do, however, now populate the Artist and Composer tags properly. We also physically locate the ripped tracks properly, within a directory hierarchy that uses the conductor or other principal artist's surname as a distinguishing characteristic (thus, you get War Requiem (Britten) and War Requiem (Gardiner)). The other significant changes are cosmetic: as I mentioned, a touch of colour; a general observance of proper indentation and so on.

If you wanted it in just a handful of words: CCDR now obeys the house rules on proper tagging practice!

The thing is still a Bash script (so you can check what it does and change it if it doesn't suit!), and is still readily downloaded from this site at zero cost.

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